Welcome to SF Shoots!

SFShoots is a visualization showing the locations and film information of major Hollywood films shot in and around the San Francisco area since the beginning of the film industry. This visualization was developed by a team at the UC Berkeley School of Information for a course project. The data is primarily from datasf.org.

How to Interact

Each dot on the map represents a shooting location for a film for the selected decade. You can navigate through each decade by sliding the slider on the left. Films can have multiple shooting locations so don’t be fooled by the idea that each dot represents one movie. As you slide through the decades, the movies for each decade are listed to the right. You can click on any individual dot to learn more about the movie shot at that location. When you click on a dot, it will turn black and all the other shooting locations for that specific movie will also turn black. You can also click on a movie from the list to the right to highlight the shooting locations for that movie. You can also select any number of genres to highlight in color the film shooting locations for the selected genre. That’s about it, enjoy!